About Us

Our company, whose experience in the steel rope dates back to 1994, has been operating under the name of YENİ DOĞAN STEEL ROPE since 2005.

Our company has gained a steady growth momentum by keeping up with the technology of the age and protecting the commercial discipline and values. Via these managed to have a say in its own sector.

With years of experience and specialized staff experienced in our company, we take care to suggest preferences during sales with making our company your “solution partner”

With the traditional steel ropes in a wide diameter and composition range from 1 mm to 60 mm in our stock and original crane ropes with high breaking strength; we serve sectors such as iron and steel, port industries, construction, crane, oil and mining industry, cement, elevators.

Besides steel ropes, our company sells Grade 80, Grade 100 and Grade 120 chains and chain accessories, chrome (stainless) rope, PVC coated (insulated) steel rope, TSE certified mesh and bullet printed lifting straps, polyester lifting straps and fasteners (lock, terminal block, tensioner, hook, ring, cringle, swivel, eyebolt, swivel eyebolts, carbine).





"Confidently Stability Carried Safely from Past to the Future: Yeni Doğan Steel Rope!"